The Reputation of Dino Zei watches

Dino Zei Line Anonimo each and every with Col Dino Zei reconnects the master about Florentine Militare watchmaking equipped with many of his software craftsmen, reuniting a crew steeped in Italian habit. Combining the vision of the Anonimo founder Federico Massacesi with the expertise about Dino Zei represents their new frontier in look for and development in i would say the field of luxury in addition to the functional watchmaking. These solid, masculine and functional timepieces, available in limited quantities, are equipped with totally mechanical movements, featuring the most important famous and exclusive Anonimo case production technique, so that you combine the best with the help of the best at whatever level.

The Dino Zei line by Anonimo is totally special to the standards of value furthermore innovation that are already the foundation behind all Anonimo styles. The line often is named for Col Dino Zei, that this former Chairman or CEO of sole of the a great number famous Florentine companies, whose prestigious guidance was renowned in order for manufacturing and as long as technical equipment to receive the Italian Deep blue. Vintage Watch Outlet linked to advanced movements and as well rare calibers rank Dino Zei across a category seen by the very enthusiastic watch collectors, while staying so to the attitude of value when it comes to money, ensuring where it those of every one watch interest in order to be attracted.

The Dino Zei Collection is only expression of a long project whose desired goals are to application research and experiments along with newly purchased solutions in technology and design. In the production of those limited editions we supply the use of the important complications that contain in tandem both of the movements and generally watchcase. As your Opera Meccana Collection, innovation and background work express material yet shapes that most certainly fit the surgical Man they are usually conceived for, maintaining the aesthetic rigueur and absolute honor of the Florentine watchmaking principles which might be trademark of Anonimo creations since the starting of our company.

Col Dino Zei, who is today an integral a part of our design and as a consequence technical team, is dependant on the research and in addition development for a new Dino Zei placed. Calling upon his vast experience then successes together regarding his rich cultural and / or entrepreneurial background has made his vision and in addition goals to established and expand attached to his documented heritage of Florentine the watchmaking arena history. Anonimo Jacuzzi feels privileged getting selected and focused to support their return of a very important and endorsed visionary, Col Dino Zei, as he is known in present day history of Florentine watch making.